When you live at Sky Gate, you are reducing your carbon footprint. Our developer and builder Highstreet Ventures is a leader in sustainable building practices.

Designed with the Future in Mind

Sky Gate is BUILT GREEN with high-end touches to make you feel right at home.

We’ve built to BUILT GREEN platinum construction specifications to make homes that are net-zero energy ready. That is 74% more energy efficient than BC Building code requirements. If you are someone who cares about the environment, this is the place for you.

  • Triple Pane Windows
    For temperature control.
  • Washer/Dryer
    In-suite laundry included in every suite.
  • Sit-Up Quartz Countertops
    Choose from 2 colour options or upgrade!
  • Walk-in Closets
    No need for dressers!
  • Features & Finishes
    Sleek, modern, and EnergyStar certified.

BUILT GREEN Platinum Certified

A BUILT GREEN® home has many benefits for homeowners.

Homes certified through Built Green Canada go beyond energy efficiency; they also work to preserve natural resources, reduce pollution, increase ventilation and air quality, and extend a home’s durability. These efficiencies mean less spent on monthly water, electricity, and gas bills as well as fewer fix-its and renovation costs to anticipate.

BUILT GREEN® builders approach sustainable building holistically. They also focus on ventilation and air quality. For those with allergies, benefits can be significant. An air-tight home reduces drafts, cold spots, and temperature changes from room to room. A well-ventilated home removes allergens. That means you’ll have healthier air to breathe and less dust to clean.

Energy Efficient

Sky Gate is built with Energy star and stainless-steel appliances, low flow bathroom fixtures, high-efficiency mechanical systems, recirculation lines (for near-instantaneous hot water), LED common area lighting, and exterior LED lighting with photocell.

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